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Misty Mountain

Misty Mountain

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This single origin Limited Edition roast comes from beans that are grown in the world-famous Tarrazú region of Costa Rica, surrounded by majestic mountain peaks and flowing waterfalls. Coffee beans grown in the Tarrazú mountains are recognized as the most extraordinary in the world, producing coffees that are balanced, bright and clean. This particular farm is located along a mountainside within the Central Mountain Range, in the southernmost province of San Jose. 

Graded as “Strictly Hard Bean” (SHB) and “Strictly High Grown” (SHG), meaning they grow above 4,500 feet, these beans are some of the highest quality in the world. 

Similar to many southernmost Central American coffees, this roast is medium-bodied, bright with notes of chocolate and fruity overtones, and comes with an intense aroma.

Tasting notes: Chocolate, savory spice, dried fruit, citrus, intense aroma, mild-bodied and bright.

Origin: San Rafael, Tarrazú, Costa Rica

Process: Washed

Roast Level: Medium 

Ingredients: 100% Specialty Grade Arabica Coffee

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