Coffee from the Slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro

Coffee from the Slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro

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Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro is an adventure of a lifetime, but you do not have to travel across the world to experience what the region has to offer...

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and the world’s highest single free-standing mountain, standing 5.895 meters above sea level. Climbers flock to the region to conquer the massive peak. With three volcanic cones, the soil is very fertile, and the mild climate provide the perfect place to grow Tanzania Peaberry coffee beans.

African countries offer a plethora of delicious coffees, from Ethiopia to Kenya. However, coffee from the Kilimanjaro region is considered some of the best in the world. The beans are harvested by small, independent farmers between April and August. The lack of proper infrastructure makes the process no small task. Once harvested, the beans go through the washed process, where the cherry meat is detached from the beans, and left to dry.

Peaberry beans have been championed as the “champagne of coffee beans.”
Peaberry coffee beans are actually a rare occurrence (now farmed purposely), grown as a single, round bean that does not split into two like most coffee cherries. Due to their shape, the peaberries have a reputation for having more concentrated flavors, since they are generally more dense.

Lightly roasted peaberries create a lively flavor with wine-like acidity. There is a medium body, with a slightly nutty aroma. The sweet, red berry flavor has a lingering aftertaste that will leave you wishing your cup never empties.

So, what are you waiting for?

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