It's Not Just About The Coffee...

It's Not Just About The Coffee...

Starting up a small business, no matter what town or city it's in, is tough. We've been no strangers to experiencing this since we opened in January 2018. Starting anything from scratch is challenging, and we certainly knew that going in. The confidence to begin takes serious guts, and the drive to commit takes everything you have and then anything else you can muster up. There is perpetual physical and mental labor, constant brainstorming, endless evaluation, overwhelming floods of ideas, and several sleepless nights of worry and doubt.

​But for some, the reward of being an entrepreneur is far beyond that of any corporate job title or long-awaited promotion. That's not to say being an employee isn't's just not us. 
Snowy Elk is a road built by our own hands, the ability to freely create and forge something meaningful, innovative and great. If we love it, others may love it too. 

Over the past few months, we have been hermits in a cave, working on a multitude of things to further illuminate the personality of our company and grow our business. The changes you see, though some may seem simple, have taken a significant amount of time and energy...but it's the expansion of our brand, and our local Wyoming story.

Each roast now has a distinctive and unique emblem associated with it, so your favorite coffee will be recognizable anywhere you see our products.  That brings up another topic...our coffee will soon be more available to you, not just online or at farmers markets. Curious? You'll have to wait just a smidge longer to find out...!

There is one major thing we remind ourselves of...Snowy Elk isn't just awesome coffee. We strive to be a vision that represents the infinite value the Wyoming outdoors has to offer.

Snowy Elk stands for adventure, balance and conservation - encouragement and motivation we hope brightens your day and drives our community to not only appreciate nature, but take part in it and bring quality into every experience.

Snowy Elk is an invitation to follow your adventurous heart, wherever that takes you.
​And perhaps you'll take some coffee along the way!
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