Snowy Elk's Pumpkin Spice Coffee Recipe

Snowy Elk's Pumpkin Spice Coffee Recipe

It was a Saturday morning, and we were both just waking up to the crisp early fall breeze. Our espresso machine was warming up and it felt like a great morning for a Pumpkin Spice Latte!  

Introducing our special Pumpkin Spice recipe! This can be made using regular drip coffee or a latte or cappuccino from a home espresso machine. You can improvise as you like, but here's our suggestions for the best tasting homemade pumpkin spice!

f you don't have a milk frother, we'd suggesting picking one up at your local kitchen store, they are super easy to use and very handy. If it's not in your budget, you can just use a little creamer and mix in the spices well. 

What's the best coffee roast for this recipe?

We'd suggest Snowy Elk's "Leave No Trace" roast - which is smooth and has chocolatey notes, and because of this makes a creamy and rich-tasting Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Another coffee option is Snowy Elk's "Campfire" roast - an easy going nutty and sweet roast that allows the natural spices to shine through.

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