The NEW Vagabond Roast: Fun and Free

The NEW Vagabond Roast: Fun and Free

It is time to release our NEWEST Special Limited Edition Roast, appropriately named "The Vagabond", by our Assistant Roaster, Kelly. Grab your coffee mug, sit down and chill while you learn about our new limited edition coffee roast.

Country of Origin: Costa Rica
Region:  Tazzaru

Micro-Region:  Santa Cruz
Farm:  La Cuesta

Flavor profile:  medium body, hints of orange and chocolate, with a smoky finish

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Learn why we named it "The Vagabond", and the unique inspiration behind the roast.

Ahhh, Costa Rica. The land of beautiful beaches, lush tropical forests and most importantly, delicious coffee.
Costa Rica’s specialty-grade, Arabica coffee beans are grown between 600 and 1,800 meters above sea level. The growing conditions for coffee are perfect, due to the rich, fertile, volcanic soil and average temperatures between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit.
Costa Rica has eight growing regions which provides a wide range of flavors; such as chocolate, brown sugar, and citrus. When I was thinking about the flavor profile for this roast (from the Tazzaru region), I wanted to create something that represents the country: distinct and lively.
This Costa Rican El Mapache Natural bean was just what I was looking for. After being harvested, typically between December and February, the coffee cherries go through a natural drying process. It is a tried and true method that leaves the coffee cherries intact while dried by the sun. Once dried, the seed is removed from the fruit but leaves behind a delicious flavor.
This roast has hints of sweet orange and chocolate and a slight smoky finish. It will make you want to cruise down a beautiful highway in a big, old van. Have Jack Johnson playing softly through the radio as the sun stretches its large, warm arms around the earth.
That is the Vagabond Roast: fun and free. You don’t have to travel to Costa Rica to experience such an exquisite fantasy.
So friends, when you drink this beautiful roast, I hope you taste and feel everything it represents.
Vives bien,

SECC Assistant Roaster

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