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An award-winning specialty coffee roastery, with adventure in mind.

Snowy Elk Coffee was founded in 2017, from a desire to create exceptional coffee rooted in a philosophy that encourages a lifestyle of adventure, balance and conservation. When you brew Snowy Elk Coffee, you are sharing a collective passion for the rugged outdoors, a curiosity for new adventures, and an appreciation of nature. We strive to provide you with a quality roast to accompany any adventure. Whether it’s playing in the mountains, hunting, working on the range, or feeling the tug of a feisty fish, our coffee is there when you need it and won't disappoint.

We source only specialty grade beans that are grown at high-altitudes across the world. Then, the beans are roasted at high-altitude right here in Cheyenne, Wyoming at 6,000 feet.

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Committed to the Highest Quality

As a specialty coffee roastery (certified by the Specialty Coffee Association, SCA), it is our priority to choose the highest quality specialty grade beans from around the world. These beans are grown at high-altitudes by responsible farmers that are dedicated to using sustainable, fair and direct trade practices. Sourcing coffee from these small farms is the first step to the "farm to cup" philosophy and the foundation for an amazing cup. Our coffee roasts are developed and roasted in Cheyenne, Wyoming at 6,000 feet in elevation.


Our Coffee, Your Purest Brew

Each coffee is craft roasted to the appropriate roast level that specifically reveals the beans' natural flavors. The science of roasting coffee is a life long education, and we are always working hard to pair our skills and passion during each roast. Each batch of coffee is roasted with precision and careful attention to temperature and roast symmetry. We add nothing to our coffee - no filler and never any artificial flavorings. The flavors of our coffee roasts come from the climate and geography of beans' native growing area and our special craft roasting process.

Clean, Chemical-Free Decaf

We are a Registered Swiss Water Process Decaf provider. Our decaffeinated beans have gone through the "Swiss Water Process" before roasting. This is a natural decaffeination process that uses a chemical-free technique to extract caffeine from the bean. Learn more about the Swiss Water Process or watch a short video of how the decaffeinated process works.

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    ​Guatemalan Natural Swiss Water Decaf, 2023 Golden Bean BRONZE MEDAL - Decaf Category
    Howlin' Wolf Espresso, 2023 Golden Bean BRONZE MEDAL - Milk-Based Latte Category
    Wild Mustang Espresso, 2023 Golden Bean BRONZE MEDAL - Milk-Based Latte Category
    Vedauwoo Moon, 2023 Golden Bean BRONZE MEDAL - Milk-Based Latte Category

    Guatemalan Natural Swiss Water Decaf, 2022 Golden Bean SILVER MEDAL - Decaf Category
    Howlin' Wolf Espresso, 2022 Golden Bean BRONZE MEDAL - Milk-Based Latte Category
    Vedauwoo Moon, 2022 Golden Bean BRONZE MEDAL - Milk-Based Latte Category
    Morning Bugle, 2022 Golden Bean BRONZE MEDAL - Filter/Pour-Over Category

    Morning Bugle, 2019 Golden Bean BRONZE MEDAL - Milk-Based Latte Category
    BaseCamp House Blend, 2019 Golden Bean BRONZE MEDAL -Milk-Based Latte Category
    Corpse Pose Swiss Water Decaf, 2019 Golden Bean BRONZE MEDAL - Decaf Category

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