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Snowy Elk Coffee Co.

Corpse Pose Decaf

Corpse Pose Decaf

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Finally, a really good decaf. This coffee won a Bronze medal in the International Golden Bean Coffee Roasting Competition. It has been praised by many as the best tasting decaf they've ever had. We named it "Corpse Pose" (after a yoga pose) to reflect it's relaxing and comfortable qualities.

Nutty and smooth with a delicate sweetness.

Tasting Notes: Chocolate truffle, hints of caramel and candied citrus.

Origin: Peru

Process: Washed, Swiss Water Processed (natural decaffeination)

Roast Level: Medium

The Swiss Water Process is chemical-free decaffeination process, naturally removing caffeine while ensuring the integrity, taste, and quality of the coffee beans for an optimal sipping experience.

Ingredients: 100% Specialty Grade Arabica Coffee

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