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Snowy Elk Coffee Co.

Dark Moose Espresso Blend

Dark Moose Espresso Blend

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Simple, balanced and bold. We carefully and intentionally created a unique blend of beans for our traditional espresso. It's making our mouth water just thinking about pulling a shot of this! This blend will rival your classic espresso roast.

Full-bodied, with a silky smooth crema.

Tasting Notes: Sweet milk chocolate, plum fruit, hints of citrus, and a caramel finish.

Roast Level: Medium

Grind options: If you choose to receive the coffee pre-ground, the "espresso grind" is a fine grind (for brewing shots of espresso), and the "drip grind" is medium grind (for pour-over or standard coffee pot brewing). We are happy to pre-grind for you, however, we recommend whole bean and grinding as needed before brewing (especially for espresso brewing).

Ingredients: 100% Specialty Grade Arabica Coffee

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