From Beans to Brew: Discover the Craft of Coffee

Cheyenne's award-winning coffee roastery offers community classes that will provide you with the skills and knowledge to make the perfect cup of coffee in your kitchen, plus a live craft roasting demo with fresh beans off the roaster for you to take home.

Learn about specialty-grade coffee, the basics of craft roasting, the "farm to cup" philosophy, and expert step-by-step instructions for some of our favorite brewing methods. Our Master Roaster, Scott, demonstrates a live roast during class so you can fully experience our craft roasting process (and take home a bag of freshly roasted beans)!


  • Live coffee roasting demo (you'll leave with a bag of freshly roasted coffee)
  • Learn about specialty grade coffee, and the difference it makes in your cup
  • Learn the basics of craft roasting
  • Learn about the "farm to cup" philosophy and lineage of coffee
  • Different home brewing methods (home espresso, pour-over, french press, cold brew)
  • Brewing demonstrations
  • Q and A session with Snowy Elk Coffee's Owner and Master Roaster
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Upcoming Classes

Community Coffee Classes will resume in 2024!